Unrhymed Love


This look in my eyes, you beckon me,

Closer, parting of your lips, I await to kiss.

Just a touch, a taste of my lust, touch of your tongue.

Flimsy straps of cloths, bare shoulders soft,

Soft heaves of desire, that silk like skin,

My hand on your back, a pull or a stride.

Slender fingers, grasp me by the nape,

Closeness of our sex, such need to embrace.

Struggle of bodies, ache of our loins.

A gentle push, laying on cushions of cloud.

Tracing blood in your veins,

Your body the canvas, my mouth the brush.

Toes pointing at the sky, sanctity of heaven,

Between the legs, ambrosia of desire,

Lips wet with pleasure, lips eager to please,

Your heart in my mouth, my tongue in yours.

That satin dress of sweat & sex,

Fits you snug, my tailored administrations,

Lips come apart, a shuffling of legs.

A beast towers, hungry for you,

Sword to sheath, rock to bed,

Teasing the tightness, wetness slick over,

Sliding inside so deliberate, time is eternal,

Two are one, but both need more.

A sound of desperation, frantic movements,

You feel it in your core, whether love or I.

An orchestra of orgy, whimpers & moans,

Music for the beggar, grunts & groans,

Hands on yours, legs around mine,

You wish for mirrors, my eyes provide,

Limbs ache now, lungs don’t stop.

Your body burns, I am the salve,

Softness of your breasts, tautness of your nipples,

They crave my touch, feel well in my mouth,

The heat of your cunt, that sweet desire,

Begs for my cock, deep inside her,

I pound & I thrust, holding you tight,

Your body shivers, waves of pleasure,

Crashing upon your mind, throbbing of yours,

Brings me to mine, I squirt inside & out,

Proof of my love, I paint you as mine,

You collapse and perhaps cry,

I know, it’s just one letter out of five.

I write the 6th again.

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